new digs and resolutions

My list of recent achievements:

  • I finished grad school and I am now a Master of Disaster Science Education
  • I got a job. Somebody actually wants to pay me a teeeeeeeny tiny amount of money to teach kids about science!
  • I found an apartment in New York City. This was by far the most challenging task on this list. It was hellish. I think that I saw every.single.apartment. on this island. But I found one and I LOVE IT.
  • I went to Ikea and bought furniture, because I did not previously own any.
  • I assembled said furniture all by myself (with the exception of the couch, which a friend was nice enough to do for me).
  • I only almost impaled myself with a screwdriver twice during the whole assembly process, and I only managed to sustain 11 bruises. This is particularly impressive, because, not unlike Ross, I bruise like a peach.
  • I spent two and a half hours making labels for my spice jars (pictures to follow). And then I alphabetized them. (kindly hold your applause till the end, Mother)
  • I did 90 minutes of hot yoga and survived to tell the tale.

Having done all of that, I feel as though I’m teetering dangerously on the verge of Growing Up, and one good Swiffering session is all it will take to push me over to the other side.

(I previously viewed the Swiffer as a means to push my possessions around on the floor. I now PICK THINGS UP before I Swiff.)

Surely someone who has matured to the point of no longer viewing the floor as an extra shelf can manage the added responsibility of, say, blogging more often? I think so. That is why I am resolving to blog once a week, instead of the pretty solid once-every-six-months pattern I’ve adopted. I now have my own kitchen (small, but allllll mine), and I have cookbooks, and the World Wide Interweb. I am going to come at you once a week with something delicious. It may not be fancy. It may be something as simple as grilled cheese with caramelized onions (a complete revelation, go try it). But it will be shared right here every single week. And if I can keep this up for the entire school year, next summer I will treat myself to a fancy new camera lens. And a damn cupcake.

See you soon!

Now look upon these adorable spice labels.


These little magnetic jars are great, they stick right on the fridge, leaving you with more countertop and cabinet space for your two types of peanut butter and myriad of different hot sauces. I got them from my parents’ basement, a veritable treasure trove of housewares, but I’m pretty sure you can get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond too.


Yes, one of the jars is missing a label. It’s driving me crazy. I have to go.


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