About Me

I live and work and snack in New York City. When I’m not in my kitchen covered in flour and sugar and cheese, I’m in a classroom, forcing high schoolers to get excited about Biology. I love teaching science almost as much as I love frosting cakes, and if I ever find a way to combine the two, the world will never be the same.

Also I lived in Rome for a year, and I miss it every day. You can read about it in my earlier blog posts, or book a couple of flight tickets and I’ll show you around myself!

Also I like tomatoes, but I hate ketchup, and sometimes I like Aunt Jemima better than real maple syrup.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey, definitely try out that mulled wine! I’m extremely jealous of you living in Italy, ho abitato a Roma per 5 mese l’anno scorso e la mi manchi :(. Vai al restaurante a Trastevere in Vicolo del Cinque chiamato Osteria de Tony. Amazing black truffle ravioli, and it’s so cheap.

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